11.04.08 03:48 Дни активности
В эфире RK1G и UE3LXG
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Комментарии (5):

04/05/16 Justice
I believe you mauanuctfred some rather appealing points. Not way too many individuals would genuinely assume about this the way you just did. I am truly impressed that there is so a great deal about this matter that is revealed and you did it so nicely, with so considerably class. Top-notch 1, thanks.
06/05/16 Kevrel
Jill Smith / Hi you guysSo sorry to hear you have not been too well Ryder. Hope you are fully revceored and ready for the Italian Invasion !We miss you both, and wish you a safe and enjoyable onward trip.See you in the USA sometime in near future x
06/05/16 Turk
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08/05/16 Leatrice
Looks awesome. I sympathize for sure. I’m like you- can’t really edit CSS witout a live site to see it on. You pulled it off- as usual. WELL DONE!Now if only it would show up like this in Google Redaer…
09/05/16 Zarya
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